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International Symposium onPeoples Livelihood and Social Security

Education, pension, healthcare, housing, employment, and so on, always catch the government and its citizens' high attention worldwide. It is believed that to ensure and improve people's well-being has already been the core mission and theme in modern society. Social security is not only to guarantee the development of modern civilization, but also the safety net of people's well-being. To a large extent, the social security system of China is based on learning and appreciating the experiences of the western developed countries’ since its reform and opening-up. During the learning period, China is making adjustments constantly in order to deal with the domestic social problems and ease the social contradictions in the process of development. In the recent years, great changes have taken place in the social security system of China, therefore, we should have a better understanding of the experiences of the other countries’ when thinking of building social security system for the next generation. The present seminar will focus on the hot issues of social security in recent years. Many international well-known scholars are invited here to discuss the challenges and problems in building the social security system. There is no doubt that this seminar will promote the discipline construction of our university and improve the level of the internationalization of the faculties along with making a solid foundation of the cultivation of innovative talents.




1、Internationalization of Higher Education- A Case Study on Houston University


The present lecture will take the University of Houson as an example to introduce the overview of internationalization in US higher education. Besides, a case study of the University of Houston with comparisons to some peer institutions and emphasis will be placed upon the desirability for diversity in the faculty, staff and student body in order for the changes to be sustained and permanent.

2 Evolution of American Social Welfare Policy and its Enlightenment to China

This lecture traces the history of social welfare, including the evolving role of social work and social welfare, in the United States. And the emphasis will be placed on some elements which facilitate or inhibit the social policies. The current patterns of provision in the United States will be introduced, along with the enlightment of the development of American social policy on China.

3、Aging Problem in Japan Challenge and Solutions


Japan, being the first Asian country that stepped into the aging societyhas the most serious aging problem in the world. Japanese government provided his citizens with a series of legal security policies in order to reduce the side-effects of aging problem and has gained a great deal of experience. The present lecture will set a good example for Chinese government in dealing with the similar problems.


4、Evaluation of China Public Policy Satisfaction

This lecture will first analyze the development and tendency of evaluation of China public policy satisfaction from 1980s to present through the opinion survey; then discuss the hotspots and group identity of Chinese people; in the end, focus on the relationship of public policy satisfaction and political trust.


5、International Comparison on Anti-poverty Policy

The present lecture will introduce how poverty is defined across the globe, the extent of world poverty, and emphasis will be placed upon the progress which American anti-poverty policy has made. The world’s poorest nations will be discussed, along with rates of hunger across the planet. In the end, the reason why some industrialized nations have more effective policies than others will be explained according to the examination of anti-poverty policies in developed nations.

6、American Housing Policy-Case Study of Houston

This lecture will focus on the residential housing policy and how governmental policy and market forces have helped to provide affordable housing. Currently the City of Houston has the best affordable markets for housing in the United States. Governmental policies have enabled a residential urban landscape that provides a very diverse city with a rich tax base. And the policies have enabled the market to respond to the supply of housing for the citizens in Houston. 


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