Internationalization is one of the key factors that promote the modernized construction of a high-level research university, which is an important way to improve the faculty’s international standing and recognition, and to cultivate and nurture innovative talents. Moreover, it is also one of the key policies that needs to be in place to expand the school’s reputation and influence. Faced with the growing needs of the school to lead frontrunners/talents and innovative leaders, the Beijing University of Chemical Technology inaugurated the first “BUCT International Forum” held during the 55th anniversary of the University. This event hugely contributed to further strengthening the international education cooperation and enforcing the education innovation to improve the level of education and personnel quality within all the participating institutions/across institutional boundaries. The BUCT Forum to be held in Beijing University of Chemical Technology from July 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013 consists of an International Frontier Forum and numerous special theme forums. Meanwhile, we will organize lectures during the summer school and hold presentations related to the forums. 


The BUCT International Forum aims to build an international platform for the sustainable development of construction, education cooperation, personal training, and innovative cultivation of students.


The BUCT International Forum cordially invites local and international experts to participate in this event, and also welcomes the scholars and students to attend the lectures.

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