September 19, 2013, Thursday 
12:00~18:00  Registration  (Guizhou Mansion)
18:00~20:00  Reception  (Guizhou Mansion)
12:00~20:00  Setting up poster (Red House of BUCT)
September 20, 2013, Friday, Morning
8:309:00  Welcome ceremony  (Lecture hall of BUCT Conference Center)
Chairperson:     (BUCT)
Opening Address by Prof.Tianwei Tan (President of BUCT)
Prof. TomokazuIyoda (Japan)
Prof. Wantai Yang(China)
9:009:10  Take Group Photo
Plenary Lecture (30+5min Lecture hall of The Conference CenterBUCT)
Chairperson:  Toshio Nishi
9:109:45  Stephen Z. D. Cheng The University of Akron
The future of soft matter physics Giant Molecules Based on “Nano-Atoms”: A New Platform for Engineering Structures at Nanometer Feature Sizes
9:4510:20  Yiu-Wing Mai  (University of Sydney)
Nano-Toughening of Polymers and Their Fiber Composites
10:2010:30  Tea Breaks
Chairperson:  Seung Kon Ryu
10:3011:05  San H. Thang (CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering)
RAFT Polymerization and Some of Its Applications
11:0511:40  Masaru Nakagawa (Tohoku University)
Release Layer Free Acrylate Resins for UV Nanoimprinting with Unmodified Silica Molds
11:4012:15 Bai Yang (Jilin University)
Hybrid Optoelectronic Materials of Polymer and Nanocrystals from Aqueous Solution
12:1514:00    Lunch  (Hospitality Restaurant of BUCT)
                          Poster  (Red House of BUCT)
September 20, 2013, Friday, Afternoon
Invited Talk (20+5min or 10+5min  )
Location1 Centre Conference Room of The Conference Center, BUCT
Topic1: Polymeric Materials
14:0014:25 Toshio Nishi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Super Fuel-efficient Tire Materials
14:2514:50 Huai Yang (Peking University)
Blue Phase Liquid Crystal Materials with Wide Temperature Range and Their Electro-Optical Properties
14:5015:15 Changsheng Zhao(Sichuan University)
Modification of Polyethersulfone membrane for blood purification
15:1515:40 Lin Guo
15:4016:00  Break
16:0016:25 Eiji Yashima (Nagoya University)
Synthesis of helical polymers for separation of enantiomers and asymmetric catalysis
16:2516:50 Feng Shi (BUCT)
Location2Multi-functional hall of the Conference Center, BUCT
Topic2: Biomaterials
14:0014:25 Jun Wang (University of Science and Technology of China)
Tumor Extracellular Acidity-Activated Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
14:2514:50  Hiromichi Okura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
The hydrolytic activity control of cellulose nanofibers
14:5015:15 Zhihua Gan(BUCT)
15:1515:30 Zhuoying Xie(Southeast University)
Structural Color Soft Contact Lens
15:3016:00  Tea Breaks
16:0016:25 Zhong-Ze Gu(Southeast University)
Structural Color Materials for Sensing
16:2516:50 Fujian Xu(BUCT)
ATRP-based vectors for gene delivery
16:5017:05 Shinichiro Shimomura( Kyushu University)
 Design of cell scaffolds based on mechanical instability at polymer interfaces
17:0517:20 Jinliang Yang (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
A polymerizablephotoinitaitor based on benzophenone and seamol
18:0020: 00 Welcome Dinner Xianheng Restaurant
September 21, 2013, Saturday,Morning
Invited Talk (20+5min or 10+5min  )
Location1 Centre Conference Room of The Conference Center, BUCT
Topic1: Polymer Chemistry & Polymer Physics
8:308:55 Susumu Kuwabata Nagoya University
In situ electron microscope observation of chemical reactions in ionic liquid
8:559:20 Qiuyu Zhang(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Preparation of One-dimensional Magnetic Nanochains with High Magnetic Response by Magnetic-Field-Induced Precipitation Polymerization
9:209:45 Xiaoli Sun (BUCT)
The Effect of Poly(vinyl phenol) Sublayer on the crystalline and melting Behavior of polymer crystals
9:4510:00 Yoshimasa Matsumura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Synthesis of Versatile Elements-block π-Conjugated Polymers Having
Dithienogermole Units by Reactions of Organotitanium Polymers
10:0010:15 Dong LiuBeijing University of Chemical Technology
Optically active magnetic gels consisting of helical substituted polyacetylene and Fe3O4 nanoparticles: preparation and chiral recognition ability
10:1510:25 Tea Breaks
Location2Multi-functional hall of the Conference Center, BUCT
Topic4: Polymer Processing
8:308:55 Daisuke Taura (Nagoya University)
Synthesis and function of double-stranded boron helicates bearing fluorescent residues
8:559:20 Weiming Yang (BUCT)
9:209:45 Zhanpeng Wu (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
Fabrication of Controllable Morphology of Silver Patterns on Polyimide films via Liquid-solid Interfacial Reaction
9:4510:00 Yota Ishito (Tohoku University)
Fabrication and optical characterization of light-induced self-written waveguides incorporated with a multilayer filter comprisingorganic-inorganic hybrid materials
10:0010:10 Tea Breaks
Posters short presentation
Location1 Centre Conference Room of The Conference Center, BUCT
10:2512:40 Number 1—Number70
Location2Multi-functional hall of the Conference Center, BUCT
10:1012:40 Number 70—Number150
12:4014:00    Lunch  (Hospitality Restaurant of BUCT)
                           Poster  (Red House of BUCT)
September 21, 2013, Saturday, Afternoon
Invited Talk (20+5min or 10+5min)
Location1 Centre Conference Room of The Conference Center, BUCT
Topic5: Inorganic Functional Materials
14:0014:25 Tatsuya Kameyama Nagoya University
Preparation and Photoelectrochemical Properties of ZnSe-AgInSe2 Solid Solution Nanoparticles for Quantum Dot Solar Cells
14:2514:50 Jingfeng LiTsinghua University
Thermoelectric Nanocomposites with Enhanced Performance
14:5015:15 Cun Zhu Southeast University
Pd-Ag Bimetallic Nanocrystals with Controllable Structures
15:1515:30 Aomi Onuma Tokyo Institute of Technology
Flux-mediated epitaxy of 3C-SiC films on 4H-SiC (0001) substrates
15:3015:50 Tea Breaks
15:3015:50  Hiroshi Sakaguchi Kyoto University
Bottom-up Massively Grown Graphene Nanoribbon Films
15:5016:15 Ye Zhang BUCT
16:1516:30 Takuya Uehara ( Tohoku University)
Fabrication of Au split-ring resonator arraysby UV nanoimprint lithography
16:3016:45 Haijing Liu (Beijing University of Chemical Technology )Multi-scale electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
Location2Multi-functional hall of the Conference Center, BUCT
Topic6: Nanocomposites
14:0014:25 Seung Kon RyuKorea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology
Status of Korean Carbon Industry
14:2514:50 Zhenzhong YangChinese Academy of Sciences
Janus Matters
14:5015:15 Xiaoming Sun (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation of Colloidal Nanoparticles
15:1515:35 Tea Breaks
15:3516:00 Yang Tian Tongji University
Bioimaging and Biosensing of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Beyond Based on Organic-inorganic Nanocomposites
16:0016:25  Ikuyoshi TOMITA KyotoUniversity
Creation of Nanohybrid Materials Based on Living Coordination Block polymerization of Allene Derivatives Accompanying Simultaneous Formation of Nanostructures
16:2516:50 Aravind Dasari (Nanyang Technological University)
Effects of metal ions on degradation of polyamide 6/clay nanocomposites
16:5017:15Yunhua YuBeijing University of Chemical Technology
Electrospinning-derived Carbon Nanofiber Composite Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries
17:1517:30宋怀河学生 (Beijing University of Chemical Technology
16:2516:50 Introduce the University Prof.Tomokazu Iyoda
18:0020:00 Award Banquet Hospitality Restaurant of BUCT
September 22, 2013, Sunday
Plenary Lecture (35+5min Lecture hall of The Conference CenterBUCT)
8:309:05  Hui-Ming Cheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences )
Fabrication and Potential Applications of Graphene Materials
9:059:40  En-TangKang (National university of Singapore)
Molecularly-Engineered ‘Greener’ Surfaes for Combating Marine Biofouling and Biocorrosion
9:4010:15 Ren-Hua Jin (Kanagawa University)
Nature Inspired Approach to Nanostructured Chiral Silica
10:1510:25 Tea Breaks
10:2511:00 P D Coates University of Bradford
11:0011:35 Keiji NagaiTokyo Institute of Technology
Multilayerization of Or ganophotocatalyst Polymer Films that Efficiently Utilize Natural Sunlight in a One-pass-flow Water Purification System
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