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  The “International Symposium on Chemical Process Intensification and Green Technology” will invite internationally well-known academic experts, supplemented with some famous domestic scholars, to give lectures. The topics will cover the application of chemical reactors in industry, the intensification of heat and mass transfer in chemical processes, CFD simulation in chemical processes, new type reactors, materials chemical engineering, and green technology in chemical engineering. A workshop activity in chemical process intensification and green Technology will have immediate benefits for Chinese basic and applied research. New international collaborations will be made by this workshop, which will also coordinate a more rational access to existing experimental and computational facilities.

Chemical Process Intensification
Chemical process intensification technology is regarded as an effective means to address the problems of “high consumption of energy, high pollution and high consumption of raw materials” in many fields, which is expected to bring significant innovations to them. Chemical process intensification technology is to solve the bottleneck problem in the process of mixing, transfer, or significantly improve the rate of the reaction process and system coordination, which can greatly reduce chemical process equipment size and the number of devices. Moreover, the unit energy consumption and the waste are also significantly reduced.
Chemical Process Intensification (Fluid Mixing)
Fluid mixing, a common unit operation in process industry, plays a key role in various chemical production, e.g.,petrochemical industry, chemical industry,metallurgy,pharmacy, food, wastewater treatment, flue gas desulfurization and denitration.
       Materials Chemical Engineering
The revolution in materials science and engineering presents both opportunities and challenges to chemical engineers. With their basic background in chemistry, physics, and mathematics and their understanding of transport phenomena, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, and process design, chemical engineers can bring innovative solutions to the problems of modern materials technologies.
       Green Technology in Chemical Engineering
Green chemical engineering is a kind of technical means by using advanced chemical technology and method to reduce or eliminate various substances which are harmful to human health, community security and ecological environment.
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