Forum Introduction
July 8-9, 2013
Organized by: Beijing University of Chemical Technology 

Informatics is playing a significant role in signal measurement, information transmission, and system control in complex processes. Numbers of scholars in this field (especially the automation field) will attend this conference, and they will discuss the status quo and challenges of application of information science and technology in complex processes. Nine world-class scholars will give presentation in this conference, and these speakers come from famous universities and research institutes in USA, Canada, Japan, and UK of which one is a Fellow of US National Academy of Engineering (Prof. Babatunde A. Ogunnaike) and two are Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering (Prof. Biao Huang and Prof. Jing Jiang). The following research fields will be involved in this conference: chemical process, biomedical process, nuclear power plants, etc. In addition, the following research directions will be discussed: fault-tolerant control, active disturbance rejection control, image processing, Bayesian estimation, etc. The conference will be co-held with Academic Salon of Youth sponsored by Beijing Association of Automation. Therefore, many young scholars will attend this conference from universities and research institutes at Beijing. It is believed that young scholars could learn a lot for these speakers’ excellent presentations.

Complex Processes

Along with technical progresses, the modern industrial processes become more and more complex. On the other hand, because sensor and actuator technologies have gained significant improvements, human-being become able to study some complex natural systems more deeply. Therefore, complex process is a hot topic recently. The following research fields will be involved in this conference: chemical process, biomedical process, nuclear power plants, etc.

                         Chemical process 

                        Biomedical process 

                       Nuclear power plants

Advanced Control

Advanced control is different from the conventional control, and it has better performance than the conventional control strategy. Through the implementation of advanced control, it could improve the performance of the process of dynamic control and make the actual output closer to the optimal target value. Hence, advanced control could enhance the stability of safety of the devices, and reduce operating costs and environmental pollution.


Informatics is an emerging discipline which is focused on the regularity of information acquisition, processing, transmission, and utilization. In the field of information science, it makes information as the research object and the computers as the research tools. With the evolution of human society, the importance of informatics is increasing, and the research achievements of information science are regarded as the strong pillar of the information society.


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