BUCT Introduction

eijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) is affiliated to the Ministry of Education. As one of China’s key institutions of higher learning, BUCT has developed from an institution of technological specialties into a comprehensive university. Science and Engineering have been retained as the core disciplines with the addition of management, economics, law, arts, education, philosophy and medicine in order to create a comprehensive portfolio.
By fully exerting its academic strengths in carrying out the government’s strategy of reviving China through science and education, BUCT is striving to become a multidisciplinary research university while retaining the merits of its original foundations. Our goal is to be one of the leading institutions in China, as well as an influential university worldwide.
BUCT It consists of 12 colleges, offering five post-doctoral stations, five primary discipline doctoral programs, 28 subordinate discipline doctoral programs, 28 subordinate discipline doctoral programs, 17 primary discipline master’s programs, 88 subordinate discipline master’s programs and 43 undergraduate majors. Staffed by 1,800 outstanding faculty and researchers, BUCT has 650 full professors and associate professors, including nine academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Scientific research at BUCT is developing rapidly. To date, the university has established two state-level key laboratories, two state-level laboratories, one national engineering laboratory, six provincial and ministry-level key laboratory, one school-level key laboratory, one state-level research institute for engineering technology, nine provincial and ministry- level research centers for engineering technology, six school-level cross-discipline research centers, 22 school-level research centers, three school-level research bases, 25 school-level institutes, and nearly 100 teaching and research laboratories.
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