Forum Introduction
International Symposium on Biorefinery
Will be held in Beijing University of Chemical Technology on July 12- 13, 2013
The traditional chemical industry is facing problems in the shortage of petroleum resources. Biorefinery is a new industrial model that produces energy and chemicals from renewable bio-resources. Through developing new engineering in chemistry, biology and machinery, it can dramatically improve the utilization of renewable bio-resources and it is an effective way to decrease consumption of fossil resources.

The forum primarily includes the following three topics: bio-energy, bio-based chemicals, and biomaterials. Bio-energy refers to the energy acquired from biomass. Bio-based chemicals refer to products, such as food additives, feed additives and surfactants, which are developed by using biomasses as raw materials. And biomaterials are these synthetic or natural substances which can replace or treat any living tissue by applying the principle of biology and engineering.
Biorefinery involves techniques in many fields. In the forum, many experts from America, Japan, South Korea, Canada, India, Italy, France and China will exhibit the advanced research developments and future of biorefinery from different perspectives. Through the forum, the significance of biorefinery will be explained by experts in different countries from a variety of ways no matter in the reality or myth of biomass research, the application of the latest technology, or the recent development in medical field, enzyme engineering or genetic engineering.

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