Registration: Sep. 15 and 16, Lobby of BUCT Conference Center
Sep.17 morning  Conference Center Multifunctional Hall
Host: Kuisheng Wang  Prof.
8:00-8:40  Opening Ceremony:
Host: Daming Wu  Prof.
8:45-9:45 Kenzo Nonami Prof., ‘Edge Cutting Researches on Autonomous Control Robots
10 min Q & A
9:55-10:15 Tea break
10:15-11:15 Jinji Gao Prof., Bionic Fault Self-recovery Principle and Method of Vibration Fault Targeted Suppression for Turbomachinery
10min Q & A
11:25-13:30 Lunch, Rest. Dinning room: Guests Restaurant of BUCT
Sep.17 afternoon  Conference Center Multifunctional Hall
HostLidong He  Prof.
13:30-14:15 Ning Hu Prof., Numerical simulations of Lamb wave and its engineering application
10 min Q & A
14:25-15:20 Kun Sup Hyun Prof. ‘Industrial Application of Rheological Data to Product and Process Design’
10 min Q & A    
15:30-15:50 Tea break
15:50-16:35 Haofeng Chen Prof. ‘Novel Direct Methods for the Design and Life Assessment of Mechanical Structures’
10 min Q & A
16:45-17:30 Winmin Yang Prof., Research progress in polymer melt electrospinning
10 min Q & A
18:00 – 20:00 Dinner, Guests Restaurant of BUCT
Sep.18 morning   Conference Center Multifunctional Hall
Host: Weimin Yang  Prof.
8:30-9:15 Houston Wood Prof. “Methods for Predicting Performance and Dynamic Properties of Annular Seals with Multiphase Flow”
10 min Q & A
9:25-10:10 Lean Yu Prof., ‘SD- and Multi-Agent-based Emergency Simulation Analysis for Urban Water Pollution Accident Management and Control’
10 min Q & A
10:20-10:40 Tea break
10:40-11:25 Nobuyuki Kobayashi Prof., Some Consideration on Seismic Resistant Design of Mechanical System from the Experiences of Seismic Damages
10 min Q & A
11:35-13:30 Lunch, Rest, Dinning room: Guests Restaurant of BUCT
Sep.18 afternoon  Conference Center Multifunctional Hall
Host: Yadong He  Prof.
13:30-14:15 Magaret Frey Prof., Can a nanofiber save your life?
10 min Q & A
14:25-15:10 Allen Yi Prof. ‘Examples of Micro and Nano Scale Mold Fabrication for High Volume Precision Manufacturing’
10 min Q & A
15:20-15:40 Tea Break
    15:40-16:25 Kangjian Zhu President Future starts from now on, Prospect of Plastics Manufacturing and Personal Occupational Planning
  10 min Q & A
16:35-17:30 Informal discussion
18:30-20:00 Dinner, Guests Restaurant of BUCT
Sep.19 morning
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