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International Conference on Advanced Manufacture and Intelligent Control

The theme of the “International Conference on Advanced Manufacture and Intelligent Control” is to drive our manufacture technology towards intelligentization, integration, miniaturization, and zero environmental burdens. Advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technology to improve products or processes. Intelligent control is the use of a class of control techniques that use various AI computing approaches to improve manufacture or usage processes. Future manufacture engineering solutions will have the potential to address global challenges by providing products and processes taking into account resources capabilities and constraints to achieve an economically, efficiently and environmentally sustainable society in a global perspective. 

The scope of the three-day event is to review and discuss the advances, research results and industrial improvements in the area of advanced manufacture and intelligent control. The main objective of this conference is to provide an international forum of researchers to discuss the visions, state of the art and innovations in these fields and to disseminate the recent advances and their views on perspectives of these areas and thus to generate a significant impact on the future of advanced manufacture and intelligent control.



Intelligent Control and Fault Diagnosis for High-end Machinery & Equipment

With the rapid development of science and modern industry, the mechanical equipments of industries in national economy are becoming more and more large, high speed, integration and automation. The realization of intelligent optimization control, fault diagnosis, safety protection logic control and feedback information visualization is the main direction of current development of high-end machinery & equipment industry.

Advanced Manufacture of Polymer Material

With the technology development of new materials as diverse as rubber, plastics and fiber reinforced polymers, the global manufacturing center of gravity is quickly shift to Asian. From the south to the north in China, the
industrial cluster of polymer materials processing and manufacturing industry has been formed in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai region. The application of advanced molding technology of high efficiency and energy saving materials has positive and aggressive significance for Chinese manufacturing industry.

Micro-Nano Manufacture

In the basic scientific research and advanced manufacturing field, micro-nano manufacturing technology from the beginning has been firmly occupied the industry cutting-edge. Micro-nano manufacturing technology is one of the most promising high-tech following IT and biological technology, and is an emerging industry which would be a high growth in the future and an important growth point in the development of high-tech industry.

Robot Control and Soft-bodied Robot

Research on modern robot began in the middle of 20th Century; its technical background is the development of computer and automatic control. Soft-bodied robot is a new type of flexible robot, which can use only air to drive. The latest Soft-bodied robot researched by scientists is made of paper and silicon rubber, which can bend torsion and grab the weight of its own 100 times of objects.


Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS) is based on information technology, automation technology and manufacturing. Through computer technology it integrated the automation subsystems which are isolated in product design and manufacturing process. It formed a system suitable for multi-variety, small batch production; the system realized the integration and intelligent manufacturing of overall benefit. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technology was proposed to systemize efficiently each link of the project (production).

Engineering Mechanics and
Thermal Engineering

Engineering mechanics is the study of the macroscopic motion of related substances, and their applications in science. Issues are proposed through Engineering mechanics, and Engineering design is improved through the research of mechanic. Thermal engineering involves the energy development and utilization, environmental protection, clean combustion, simulation of the system and equipment of energy utilization, equipment in power engineering, and power engineering and control, etc.


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